I am finishing my triple album and third release, Triptych, due out in 2020! Below are videos of me playing previously released songs “Have a Banana!” (from my album The Nature of Things to Come released in 2006) and “Wild Rose” (the original theme song for the entire project released in 2004).  Zoiks!!! That was a long time ago now.

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Have a Banana! – Live at Arctic Circle Studios Madison, Wisconsin

“Wild Rose” – Live in Studio – Madison, Wisconsin

Other songs recorded on camera for your viewing pleasure:

Don’t Matter – Socially Distant Version for Spilly! Thanks for the lick.

Chasing the Sunset Live – para mi amigo en Vera Cruz, Mexico

Jellyfish – Early Fan Favorite – Live with extended intro at Bee Hive Studios

Doors of Perception – Live for Phil Lipsmith – Take Another Hit of This!

Post Page 2 Stick Control – Uncontrolled Bashing – More Drums!!!

Take a Break – Chill Out – (c) 2004 Najat – All Rights Reserved

Written in my early days living in San Jose, California. Riding my bike from San Jose to Los Gatos and then back again!