Welcome and thank you for visiting the official worldwide website of Wild Rose. This is phase 2 of a my personal music project, long in the making, and the continuation of a lifelong journey. As life evolves, so will this website and all that is associated with Wild Rose.

Wild Rose is what it is and it is what it isn’t. You might think it’s about the beautiful rose garden that surrounds the house where I grew up back in Monroe, Wisconsin.

The song “Wild Rose” was inspired by my memories of that garden and is largely a tribute to the seasons of life, the forces of nature, the wonders of the universe and more importantly my family.

At an early performance I was asked to describe my music. This was and is a difficult question for me to answer. After hearing a few songs the person asking the question described my music as “poetry with music.” I’ll buy that.

Wild Rose is the name of my personal music project and consists of songs written and produced/recorded by me, Joseph Najat, with the invaluable additions of James DePrato on lead guitar, lap steel, and supplemental (and usually better) rhythm guitar.

All of the most excellent harmonica flavoring is added by Michael Handler.

Guest bass appearances by Dan D’Acquisto, Kevin Blair, John Paterson and even Dip Dip are heard on various songs throughout.

References have ranged from the Beatles and Beach Boys to the Eagles, Lou Reed, Fountains of Wayne, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, the Grateful Dead, Marshall Tucker (but less country), Allman Brothers, U2, Ozzy Osbourne and Eddie Money. The list goes on.

Wild Rose is all about perspective. Our perspectives on life and the universe are based on the point from which we view things.

Live performances will include songs from “Big Rock”, “The Nature of Things to Come”, new material from the upcoming third release and select Classic Rock hits.  Stayed tuned for the worldwide tour in 2021.  If nothing else, I’ll still be playing in my living room or my friend’s basement.

Thank you again for visiting the site and come back soon for information regarding upcoming shows and news about the project.

And of course, Have a Banana!